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A new exclusive library for Blitz3D (versions 1.98-1.106) extends its capabilities beyond imagination. FastExtension provides Blitz programmers with advanced features, such as projective shadows, new blending modes for textures and brushes (TextureBlend, BrushBlend, BrushFX), many postprocess effects (DepthOfField, Glow, Blur and etc.), advanced multitexturing, full support for clip-planes, render to texture, realistic rendering of water surface with distorted and bump-mapped reflections and refractions (like in Ashadow), and much more. All of these great-looking graphics effects have now become easy to implement. Download and see it for yourself. It's amazing!   read more...

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The fastest 2D graphics library for Blitz3D and Blitz3D SDK (3D mode). FastImage provides seamless access to DirectX 7 API functionality using Blitz-style function calls. Function names are in fact similar to those of BlitzMAX. The library supports image colour and transparency manipulations, all kinds of transformations and blending with pixel-perfect quality. You will get control over 2D projection and drawing any complex primitives. FastImage comes with a set of examples to quickly get you up to speed on its features. Library version with DirectX 9 support is also presented. It is only available as a part of Xors3D engine.   read more...

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An ultra fast library aimed at drawing text in Blitz3D (versions 1.98-1.106). There is a full support for such features as vector fonts (TrueType, OpenType and etc.); Unicode (UTF-8), providing the means for localization of your applications and games in any language; antialiasing of text; advanced alignment and formatting options. The process of integrating the library's capabilities into your project is as simple as including a single file in your project source code.   read more...

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FastPointer (+ Multithreading in Blitz3D)

This library for advanced users only. By means of this libraries you can get pointers of the functions, variables, arrays, types and labels. And use them in scripting systems, in external libraries, threads and etc. In the same way you can create threads internally in Blitz3D. Multithreading in Blitz3D it's reality, feel the full power of a multicore processors.

This library absolutely free, but not contains help-files temporarily, examples only.


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25 Oct 2010 

FastExtension and FastText libraries updated

18 May 2010 

FastExtension and FastText libraries updated

27 Apr 2010 

FastImage library updated (v1.74)

  • Added many new functions and examples
  • Now can use float values for drawing
  • Included version for Blitz3D SDK 1.05
  • FontGenerator v1.1 application included in package
  • Download and try FastImage v1.74

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